Long Stratton and Pilgrim Team Ministry

Holiday clubs

We run an annual Holiday club for primary school aged children, in the first week of the Summer Holidays in St. Mary's Junior school. 

Numbers fluctuate year on year, but we have seen up to 50 young people attending throughout holiday club week, learning stories from the bible and growing in faith. It is fantastic to hear stories of how they go home and tell their parents everything they have been learning. 

We use Scripture Union material for our Holiday clubs and in recent years have run 'Polar Explorers' 'Guardians of Ancora' 'Wastewatchers' and 'Pyramid Rock'. 

With an action packed, fast paced programme, there is no time for the young people to get bored, and everyone leaves excited about all they have learnt together.

This year (subject to current circumstances) we hope to run 'Guardians of Ancora - Treasure Seekers' a follow on to last years Holiday club.

 Monday 27th - Thursday 30th July

10.00 - 12.30pm

If you would like to know more please get in touch